is it worth it, let me work it

5 weeks postpartum, as yesterday, and today I attended my third workout class since having H. I am living proof that what the natural birth advocates say: the recovery of a med-free birth is so much easier than other types. I also was fairly active throughout my pregnancy. This is not to say I’m aContinue reading “is it worth it, let me work it”

the Tao of Daniel Tiger

I’m trying to tighten my newborns carseat harness, and it’s giving me a big PIA. Again. (Backstory: we have an Outback. With 3 carseats across the back. The babies are in these cheap Wal-Mart seats I hate). In frustration, I scream. Like, really scream. Like, if neighbors heard me, they’d come running to see whoContinue reading “the Tao of Daniel Tiger”

the art of holding one’s tongue (or fingers)

I am a member of many “Birth Month” Mom Groups – groups made up entirely of women expecting a baby the same month you are. Groups vary in size; most of the ones I’m a part of have about a hundred or so other women in them. They are often secret so they stay private.Continue reading “the art of holding one’s tongue (or fingers)”

on these newborn baby days

I was going to write a post comparing the birth of H to the birth of E, but it digressed and what I really want to record is the special, long, fast, confusing, easy, tiring “fourth trimester” of a newborn. H is a good baby. But maybe I’m a more patient and easy going motherContinue reading “on these newborn baby days”