intrigue and scandal

This morning I found myself putting the wholesome, one gram of sugar Classic Cheerios on a secret underground mission. L has a preference for the more sugar-laded Honey Nut Cheerios. We had a scraping leftover this morning so after she inhaled the first round, I explained we were out of them, and poured her some plain old Cheerios. She responded by throwing her bowl off the table. (our dog was thrilled. she gets most of her nutrition these days from Cheerios who’ve travelled the three foot journey from her high chair to the kitchen floor)

L then proved to me how stubborn she is, pointing, and screaming at the empty box which was innocently standing by the other paper recyclables at the end of the counterspace. Sometimes, inspiration just comes to you. Sometimes, lying is acceptable to your children. It took a clandestine movement, but I deftly switch out out the empty bag from the toast-colored box with the more wholesome plain Cheerios.

She took the bait. The “better for you” Cheerios were eaten with little complaint.

I have fooled at 19-month-old child. My day is complete.

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