Deep into the “newborn” stage, everyone always stresses the importance of routine. My kids do well with a routine, but I also try not to make anything cemented as far as scheduling around it goes. Life is flexible and I want easy-going kids.

Within myself, I’m trying to develop some sort of daily routine. I feel a constant competition with “the other mothers” in trying to make my home, my life, my kids, myself organized, smart and healthy. It’s easy to appear a certain way, but I actually want to adopt and really really be as envy-worthy of the glossiest blog and instagram Mom out there.

I’ll never reach this ideal but we all need goals.

Our life is further complicated by my husbands profession. Back when I was a flight attendant, he and I called ourselves “part time spouses and parents”. We switched off duties of homing-and-raising our son together, sometimes passing each other for just a few minutes before the other one flew off for work.

So, anyway, routines. My husband has his own way of doing things; and right now he’s on his first long stretch away from home since H was born. He spoiled me the past month. Sleeping in, food ready when I awoke, the pot of coffee steaming – waking up like a princess. He bustled in and out of the house with the two older kids, library programs, school drop-offs and pick-ups and he’d even take them out of my hair when he went to the gym.

This is day two of six days without him, and my morning schedule looks something like this:

4am-          H wakes up. Feed him, fall asleep with him on the boob.

4:30 am-   Move H to side-car co-sleeper

5:30 am-   L is crying. Stumble out of bed, go to her room, pick up pacifier that’s on the ground, tell her it’s not time to wake up yet.

6am-ish- E crawls into bed with me.

6:30am-   E is gone, H is hungry again, L is making increasingly louder noises on the monitor. I put H on my boob, and hear the clink of a spoon on a bowl and know E helped himself to Cheerios-and-milk so he’s good.

6:45am-   H is done eating, E is still eating his self-served breakfast, and I can hear L is playing in her crib. Time to scroll through the Facebook.

7:25am-   L is crying now. I drag myself out of bed. H is sleeping. E is playing in the living room. We turn on “Good Day NY”, the Fox channels morning show. Greg & Roseanna are my friends and we get through the morning together.

7:30am-   After changing a poopy diaper and rinsing it off in the toilet, L & I make our way to the kitchen. I pour her her cereal, start the coffee maker, and pull out the overnight oats I made the night before. It’s Wednesday so that means I still have 3-4 sections of the NY Times Sunday Paper to read through.

7:32am-   H is crying. I go get him, change him, swaddle him, put him in the swing.

7:40am-  As I make my way back to the kitchen, L is standing in her high chair. Done eating. I pick her up, wipe her off and let her run. Coffee is done so I pour myself some, sit down.

7:41am-   E comes in kitchen. He’s hungry for second breakfast. I slice him his English Muffin.

7:43am-   L comes waddling into kitchen, crying, needs snuggles. We go read a book in the living room.

8am-         E is watching train videos on YouTube, L is coloring, I sit down. I read a few opinion articles from the Times and sip my coffee.

8:10am-    H is hungry. I go to the couch and we nurse.

8:15am-    E needs his lunch made. I put it together as quickly as I can. H is on couch and his anger is growing. He misses the nipple.

8:20am-   Suck suck suck. I sip sip sip my coffee and watch my buddies Greg and Roseanna tease each other about their high school prom dates.

8:30am-   E gets restless. Starts his count-down-to-school. Every minute gets an update, “It’s 8:32 mommy! Almost time for school!”. It’s tiring to hear but I need the reminders. He knows his mommy well.

8:35am-   I ask E to get L’s socks and shoes. This is new today. He gets them and actually puts them on her feet. I now have a new chore for him.

8:40am-   I put H in the ring sling, we go outside, I strap L in the stroller, we head off for school.

8:45am-    Say hi to our crossing guard friend. Drop E off.

8:50am-    Pick up our dog, Sadie, and continue on with morning walk.

9:30am-    Home for morning. Start a load of laundry. Sip my cold coffee outside on the porch, watching L play with flower petals. H is still sleeping in the ring sling. I take pictures of Lu crawling all over, and selfies of me and H.

It’s hectic in the morning but I like it.

Now it’s nap time. I’m going to watch “The Wire” and snuggle w/ H as L should stay asleep for at least another hour.

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