the Tao of Daniel Tiger

I’m trying to tighten my newborns carseat harness, and it’s giving me a big PIA. Again. (Backstory: we have an Outback. With 3 carseats across the back. The babies are in these cheap Wal-Mart seats I hate). In frustration, I scream. Like, really scream. Like, if neighbors heard me, they’d come running to see who was murdering the nice lady with all the kids across the street.

My newborn stared blankly at the space just over my left shoulder.

My 20-month-old looked at me and creased her forehead.

My 6-year-old said, “Mommy! We don’t yell like that!”

He’s a sensitive boy. I mean, I know every mother says that about her actually violent little bully of a boy, but E really is sweet. He’s more into Daniel Tiger than any other TV program and really refuses to like any superhero. I try to put on TNMT or Power Rangers and they don’t capture his attention.

Anyway, I get the kids all strapped in, go in the front seat and the guilt of throwing a fit creeps in. So I ask E, “What would Daniel Tiger say about when you are frustrated?”

He instantly breaks into a jingle about taking a step back and asking for help.

This tactic works with almost every situation we encounter. Anything challenging or trying- questionable vegetables on his plate get a “You gotta try new things/ cuz they might taste good!” to sharing to scary weather: if you got a problem, Daniel Tiger can solve it.

I mean, I hate the damn show. It’s annoying. I can’t even stand the background noise of it in the next room. But DT has some great life advice everyone, aged 2-102, could really pay attention to. Oprah’s got nothing on good old Daniel Tiger.

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