super nerd move

I was thrilled to join in at our local Hike It Baby #optoutside hike. Getting outside, meeting new people, and exercising, what more could I want the Friday after a gluttonous Thanksgiving? I made my husband reschedule his commuting flight to work (he has to fly an hour and a half to his base fromContinue reading “super nerd move”

most authentic

Staring into my newborn’s eyes after a morning feeding, he gave me one of his big grins. Joy lights out from his entire face and like it’s designed to, it gives me peace, my heart grows bigger, and it as they say, “makes it all worth it”. The smile of a newborn, the smile ofContinue reading “most authentic”

dark days ahead

Out of nowhere, November has hit my area of suburbia. Two days ago it was 65 degrees and we were walking outside, enjoying the bright fall colors. I actually said to my older son, “Better enjoy the foliage now because once it’s gone we just have bare branches till spring”. And now it’s a bitterContinue reading “dark days ahead”

rustic homemade chili by betty

No. This is not a recipe. I’m not that blogger. But – I did make chili for the first time last night. My husbands been lying to me all this time: chili is easy to prepare. Ok- so- he didn’t lie exactly. I don’t think he’s ever qualified the difficulty of making chili. But forContinue reading “rustic homemade chili by betty”

thoughts on the bubble 

I’m from a rural area. I grew up in the nineties with a vague idea that Hilary Clinton was not a good person. She overstepped her bounds. This wasn’t an idea planted by my parents, surely, but it was the general chatter I’d hear. Sort of like Chevy vs Ford, Washington State vs University ofContinue reading “thoughts on the bubble “

the postpartum body

This photo is slightly hideous, but I am sharing it with a purpose. It was taken about 12 hours after I pushed out that little bundle cradled in my right arm. Now, look at the belly. Big, right? Rewind to just minutes before the picture. I had said goodbye to Husband, bigger kids, and motherContinue reading “the postpartum body”