rory sucks

I interrupt my usual blog roll of bored suburban mom life to discuss something very boring, unless you are a Gilmore Girls fan. Be warned, spoilers ahead. It's pretty obvious the creators of Gilmore Girls have strong opinions about millennials. Rory represents us at our worst: entitled, whiny, directionless, snobby. Seriously, what happened to the head-strong,… Continue reading rory sucks

rustic homemade chili by betty

No. This is not a recipe. I'm not that blogger. But - I did make chili for the first time last night. My husbands been lying to me all this time: chili is easy to prepare. Ok- so- he didn't lie exactly. I don't think he's ever qualified the difficulty of making chili. But for… Continue reading rustic homemade chili by betty

pilates and my total lack of grace

Strolling up to my 8:30am pilates class yesterday morning, I felt pretty accomplished. Here I was, surrounded by all the other fit-minded women in our little area of the island, and I was doing something positive for my health and body. Ten minutes into the class I remembered why I hate pilates. Even at my… Continue reading pilates and my total lack of grace

thoughts on the bubble 

I'm from a rural area. I grew up in the nineties with a vague idea that Hilary Clinton was not a good person. She overstepped her bounds. This wasn't an idea planted by my parents, surely, but it was the general chatter I'd hear. Sort of like Chevy vs Ford, Washington State vs University of… Continue reading thoughts on the bubble