dark days ahead

Out of nowhere, November has hit my area of suburbia. Two days ago it was 65 degrees and we were walking outside, enjoying the bright fall colors. I actually said to my older son, “Better enjoy the foliage now because once it’s gone we just have bare branches till spring”.

And now it’s a bitter “feels like temp” of 31 and the wind is gusting up to 50 mph.


We live an approximate walk of three minutes from the elementary school. Already the easy stroll is complicated when Husband is working: I need to wrap baby H up against my chest, convince L to actually sit down in the stroller, and strap her in, before we can head to school.

Now with winter showing it’s ugly face I had glimpse of the next four months of school mornings. Gathering four sets of hats, three sets of gloves, zipping up jackets, getting scarves on- I’ve just added ten minutes to our three minute walk to school. 

Wrangling three kids anywhere is a challenge, especially by myself. Already, loading up our Outback for an errand seems like it takes way to long. Add in the need for multiple layers and I’m now facing an obstacle course of “getting ready to go”. 

Motherhood has forced me, a person who used to dash from place to place in a hurry and without much forethought, into someone who has to be more organized, more patient, more careful.  I have no choice but to take my time. 

I love living somewhere with multiple seasons, but it was sure a lot easier when we could just throw on sandals and walk outside in our bare arms. 

Winter is coming, kids, and I fear by the time I get this layering up business to a science it’ll be spring already. 

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