most authentic

Staring into my newborn’s eyes after a morning feeding, he gave me one of his big grins. Joy lights out from his entire face and like it’s designed to, it gives me peace, my heart grows bigger, and it as they say, “makes it all worth it”.

The smile of a newborn, the smile of a newborn staring you directly in the eye, this smile is one of the purest forms of smiling. There is no game behind it. Just like everything else in a newborn’s life, there is no filter. Newborns are true to themselves in everything they do at all times. They are the most authentic humans at all times; as they absorb this alien world they react with no thought at all.

It’s tiring, it’s hard, and I’m especially spoiled with baby H as he’s easily the easiest baby I’ve had, but you have to admire this brief little period of their lives.

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