rory sucks

I interrupt my usual blog roll of bored suburban mom life to discuss something very boring, unless you are a Gilmore Girls fan. Be warned, spoilers ahead.

It’s pretty obvious the creators of Gilmore Girls have strong opinions about millennials. Rory represents us at our worst: entitled, whiny, directionless, snobby. Seriously, what happened to the head-strong, sure of herself girl we first met at Stars Hallow? She started changing around the Yale years, but this hot mess of a character didn’t exist until the revival.

And her love life isn’t funny, it isn’t tragic, it’s infuriating. I’m still not convinced it’s funny that she drags a hapless guy around for years, “Paul”, yet “Paul” becomes a running joke in all four episodes of the revival. I wasn’t laughing.

And am I supposed to feel like Logan and Rory’s relationship is sexy, somehow? She’s cheating on Paul with Logan who’s engaged to some other girl. Rory depends on Logan in every emotional way, yet can’t actually be with him. They don’t provide any concrete reason for this, beyond Logan’s engagement. So I, the viewer, just scrunch my face up in disgust during each scene they share. It’s not romantic. It’s not sweet. These are two very selfish adults betraying their significant others and the show glamorizes it.

The creators have said Logan is Rory’s Christopher. I would like to respond to this with a flaming FALSE flag. No. No. No. No. Christopher and Lorelei were teenagers, kids, when they got pregnant. Lorelei was in an unhappy home and needed to escape. Christopher was a tie to her old privileged life. Christopher wanted to marry Lorelei and raise Rory as a family.

Logan is a window into the privileged life Rory wants. He too wanted to marry Rory, but not out of desperation – he wanted to out of love. Now over a decade after meeting each other she’s pregnant, but Logan and her have a long history and even lived together happily at one point.

I’m not sure why Rory has so many issues with men. Blame it on an absent father I guess, or Lorelei’s own rejection of commitment. She also seems to see no issue with morally questionable sexual partners. Heck, she even “cheated” on Dean long before they slept together, with that emotional affair she had with Jess. But rather than fully addressing this issue, I feel like the show glosses over it and acts like it’s part of her charm or something.

I’m on a huge rant about this and it probably has not emotionally bothered as many other viewers as it did me. The revival was great beyond Rory. They probably had to many musical numbers in each mini-movie, but I guess there was more time to fill and who doesn’t love a Stars Hollow musical number?

I never watched the series when it aired. I only started watching it when Netflix added it, and I was obsessed. It is such a well crafted show (well the first six seasons are) and even though I got to know Rory through the eyes of a 30 year old woman, I still related to her in many bookish ways. But now that Rory is my age, egads, there is nothing in common with us at all.

We’ll always have the awesome Paris at least.


  1. I liked Rory’s character and her growth a lot. I think it’s easy for me to feel like I’m alone trying to navigate this crazy world. Rory, like she did in the first go-around, gave watchers someone to relate to. Lorelai isn’t like anyone I know, nor is Emily or Paris or Lane or really anyone else I know. But Rory with her mistakes and issues and confusions reminds me so much of me. I’m not sleeping with a man who’s engaged, but I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. I think it’s easy to dislike characters like this because they show us the worst side of ourselves but it’s the person that’s easiest to connect to.
    Additionally, I’m learning as I get older that there is a time for me to be selfish with my life to figure out what I’m doing. I like that Rory is experiencing this selfishness and figuring out where to go from here.


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