the most sacred hour

It’s too soon.

She can’t handle it.

Why, God, Why?

For the second time this week, my daughter has skipped nap time. Skipping naptime results in cranky pants screaming over every single thing that doesn’t go her way. Skipping naptime means she screams over things that go her way too. Skipping naptime turns her into the worst caricature of a snotty nosed toddler you’ve ever seen.

Moms & Dads know this: naptime is that sacred time of day where you have peace. Where you have quiet. Where you recharge yourself. Hell, I even miss my daughter during naptime. I see her little head in her crib, peaceful and calm, and want to wake her up. But – I sure as hell don’t. See above for the explanation.

The girls not even two yet. I won’t go slowly into the night, I will fight this good fight. I’m no quitter.

Even if naptime turns into “That quiet hour of the day you must stay in your crib” I will not bow down and make this “no nap” thing the new reality.

Hear that, L? I’m just as stubborn as you. I will win!

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