Let’s all take a deep breath in, and think about my favorite aspect of the winter holiday season. The resolutions. Those pesky things we are make and break and joke about breaking. I’m taking this Christmas-Vacation break before the new year to start with my “promises to make me a better human being” goals.

Read 100 Books in 2017

This is a lofty goal, and the previous two years I haven’t come close to completing it. In 2015 I read something like 74 books and this past year I have read about 63. In both ’15 and ’16 I had babies. I know I am capable of this goal because in 2014 I read 89 books and I wasn’t even trying to get to that 100 mark.

How I’m going to accomplish this goal: read about 2 books a week. Bring my Kindle with me nearly everywhere, and in those moments when I’d be most likely to pick up my phone out of boredom, read. Try to read in the morning before the kids wake up (if I happen to wake up before they do) and try to read at night before actually getting into my bed.

Take up cooking in that “paleo style” diet

I will never break my addiction to potatoes or carbs, but I know my family can stand to eat mindfully and more healthily. We already do a pretty good job of eating mostly clean and whole, but I backpedal into processed frozen crap when my husband is out of town. Being that he’s out of town 15-20 days a month, it can happen more than I’d like to admit.

How I’m going to accomplish this goal: plan weekly menus. Check out paleo cookbooks from the library. Not buy the crap I’m trying to avoid. If it’s not in the house, I can’t eat it. I’m going to aim for at least one complete Paleo meal per week following all of the restrictions the die-hards put on their menus, and then go Paleo inspired every other meal.

Lose 20 pounds by the end of 2017

This is lofty. Ooh man, probably loftier than my book reading goal. I have about 15 pounds of baby-making-fat on me still, and I’m okay with that. We got a new fancy scale for Christmas though and I was horrified to see my weight and body fat percentage. I am a very active person (I get those 10k steps a day usually and the past few weeks have logged at least 5 days of exercise a week). My issue is my diet I assume.

How I’m going to accomplish this goal: eat cleaner (see above). Drink a glass of water everytime I have the impulse to snack, and fill up with either almonds or a piece of fruit before I snack on something carby.I am also breastfeeding and pumping at least 20 extra ounces of milk a day for donation, so I refuse to starve myself out of vanity. But, I also know I mindlessly eat out of tiredness and boredom far too often so curbing that should help me. Even if the scale doesn’t show me exactly twenty pounds lighter by the end of 2017, as long as I can wear pretty much any of my clothes in my wardrobe and not look like I’m bulging out of them I’ll be happy.

Continue to wean my Social Media addiction

This one is already in the process. Eventually, I’d like to have once or twice a day to “check-in” to all social media outlets, including Instagram and Twitter, but especially my biggest monster of addiction, Facebook.

How I’m going to accomplish this goal: continue to be mindful of how I’m spending my “down” or “bored” time. Play with my kids instead of picking up my phone. Pick up my Kindle to read instead of picking up my phone.

Keep up the Blog

I’ve done well with this since I created this blog, but it does seem important to continue to commit to it. I will keep writing, keep reading other bloggers, and keep at it. I’ll aim for at least 2 posts a week.

So, here they are, the goals and aspirations I’m keeping in mind throughout 2017. I will be a smarter, more well rounded and healthier person by this time next year if I can just keep these goals in mind.

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