breaking another habit

I avoided Twitter for nearly a decade. It didn’t interest me. I wasn’t intrigued. I kept waiting for the trend of “tweets” showing up on live TV broadcasts to cease. Basically, I refused to entertain the idea of it, at all. Then about four months ago, I started this blog. Since I wasn’t sure whatContinue reading “breaking another habit”

bad moms

I’m writing something different today. I’ve felt a bit of writer’s block lately, but, as this is my space for whatever I want, I’m reviewing the movie Bad Moms. I’ll preface it by noting I’ve heard only good reviews from other moms. It’s the movie everyone (everymom?) ┬ácan universally agree on- it’s funny and relatable.Continue reading “bad moms”

parenting in the age of trump

Whoa, whoa, whoa, you say. Either you roll your eyes at my crybaby liberal ways when you read this title, or you nod your head in agreement. This divide we all are in is stark and very real. Tonight I brought my kids to a diner. Just me and the three of them, it wasContinue reading “parenting in the age of trump”


A little over a year ago, I started working for a large corporate coffee chain. I went into the job with a strong envisionment of a quick-paced yet quirky work environment. I’d have regulars and we’d have long, engaging conversations about life, politics, books, the arts. My co-workers would inspire me and I’d have aContinue reading “#baristalife”

the lost art of conversation

When I close my eyes and remember my childhood, and picture my mom, she’s on the phone. My mom spent a great deal of her day gabbing on the phone. Having private conversations with her girlfriends, relatives, gossiping and laughing and pretty much lost in her own world. Thinking about it now, it was theContinue reading “the lost art of conversation”


Being a Mom is all about sacrifice, says every mother ever. The list is endless. It’s boring to bemoan them. My little baby, H, who is the easiest of all my children, has been trying to tell me something isn’t quite right for nearly all of his nearly four months of life. I’m too pig-headedContinue reading “sacrifice”