Growing up in a rural, farming community, there was a common us vs. them debate. You were either a John Deere or an International. Green against Red. I had NO inkling of what they really meant, but due to some outside influence, I still to this day have an opinion leaning for the Deere Green. Why? What did a damn engineer’s daughter really know about tractors anyway?

The division didn’t stop there. I had strong opinions on Nancy vs. Tonya (Nancy K all the way), Chevy vs. Ford, and even to this day, I am a proud “Cats Rule and Dogs Drool” (Washington State over University of Washington). In fact, when UW made it to the National Football Playoffs this year, I could hardly muster a “Meh” and didn’t watch it.

These chasms are silly, and a precursor I guess in a way to today’s hotly divided nation.

But this isn’t a political post.

This is a post about my love of Costco, and how here on Long Island people are either BJ’s or Costco fans. The majority of my friends go to BJ’s. I’ve never been there, but I know without a doubt BJ’s patrons are not nearly as enthusiastic, nay, inspired by their choice of vendor.

I consider myself a minimalist in most ways, but there is an ineffable euphoria from the consumerism with each Costco trip. Why? There isn’t anything particularly special about a Costco run: the warehouses are huge caverns and nothing is pretentious at all. But something about a trip there makes me excited, happy. I see my cupboards full of “Kirkland Signature” products and it gives me pride. Pride. Over a generic store brand. I need new hobbies I guess.

A few weeks back I went out on a girl’s night with three other women, and another woman and I bonded over our mutual love of Kirkland Signature. The other two women both said they liked BJ’s but it ended at that: meanwhile Ellen and I talked extensively about which Kirk Sig products we liked best, about how Friday nights are the best time to shop there (no crowds!) and wondered why the mere act of walking through a store feels like such a treat. Later that night, on a Uber ride home (and very buzzed) I saw through my Instagram that John Mayer posted a picture of a “Kirkland Signature” tee-shirt so I sent it to Ellen and since then we’ve been texting about it every few days.

Do BJ’s members feel this same sense of affection? I don’t think so.

As a confession I do have to report that I am not getting paid in any way shape or form to promote Costco, because I’m not nearly as important as other bloggers are 🙂

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