magic mornings

Mornings and I don’t click. I hate crawling out of bed. It takes mental effort to pry my eyes open. I wake up and anger is my first emotion.

I’m married to a morning man. He is at his absolute peak of productiveness in the a.m. He bustles and hustles and practically whistles around me.

And my kids.

My kids are those kids that wake up with the sun. You can hear the little ones cooing along with the birds outside; those adorable notes of baby bliss do little to brighten my mood, but I can sometimes move outside my tiredness and appreciate how charming they are. But I’d still rather stay in bed.

Why my biological makeup favors the evening hours and the rest of my family are best in the morning seems like a cosmic joke. Seriously. My kids are at their happiest, their cutest and their sweetest prior to noon each day, and I ruin the experience by slumping around and hating life.

I wish I could fake it every day, the morning chipper. Today was a good day; I guess baby H woke me up at the exact right moment of my REM cycle, because when the bigger two kids bounced in my room I was mostly awake and even allowed them to watch a TV program in my room, as opposed to my usual croak of “Go watch something in the living room”.

I teased my big guy, made a real breakfast for myself, sang and danced around the kitchen, and was on my second cup of coffee by the time my husband made it back from his 5 am gym visit. (5 am gym trip, let that sink in. Who is this creature I’m married to?) This odd, rare mood I’m in just reminds me how much happier I’d be, how much more I’d enjoy mornings if I were just wired differently.

So, once again, add another “my life will be perfect if I just change this” goal to my goal list. I will use this morning as the example; get out of bed, fake happy chipperness, and maybe just maybe the early hours won’t suck as much as they usually do. Just like a sore back, mornings are easier if I just get moving.

Now if only on the mornings where I struggle if I could have this post sent to me to remind myself of the virtues of the early worm and all of that….


  1. The Jenson night owl~ think of Cindy~ don’t waste the sunshine! LOL~ BTW we slept till 9 today after being kept awake several hours by the storm…I hate missing morning news!


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