rainy weekend days

Need I type more?

It’s miserable and dreary outside; my kids are driving me up the wall, my dog is afoot at all times just pleading with me for a walk, yet the wind and the rain bluster on and it’s so vile out CPS will visit if my neighbors see me dragging three kids and an excited dog outdoors.

I could google “100 million ways to entertain your kids indoors” but I’m pretty sure the activities won’t inspire much beyond making a mess and ending up with me grumpily yelling at them for “not having fun”. I’ve already told E a few times today “Only boring people complain of boredom” but he doesn’t seem to care. Oh, and the number of times he’s said, “I’m Hungry, Mom!”. Not even 20 minutes since the last snack and he’s begging me for something else to eat. Out of boredom. Let’s make boredom and snacking fuse together in his brain, that’s a great healthy habit for his future, isn’t it?

E spent so much time home this week anyway, plus, this is day 5 of my husband being away, so I’m at my wit’s end. We’ve been spoiled by decent sunny weather the past few weeks so this bleak day is really throwing me off.

Anyway, complaining officially #over. Thanks for listening, interwebs.

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