ticking stink bomb

As I type this, half my attention is on my two-year-old. L is currently on the couch, legs crossed, without pants on.

Yes, friends, the time has come. We have ditched diapers.

It’s day 1. I did the 3-Day-Potty method with E, but he was much older (3 years, 2 months). He got the hang of it by day 2, although his comfort with taking BMs took another week or so, and he was in pull-ups overnight until he was about 4.5 years old.

is showing some signs she is ready. Plus, I’m tired of it. Diapering two babies in cloth is hard and I’m sick of it. I think I’m feeling this obscure pressure from other people I know who all had babies around the time period of L (February 2015) as well. Not that anyone overtly judging me. But when other moms at the library have babies who are younger than L with flat underwear bottoms I feel like I oughta suck it up and train her.

So far today she’s peed once. She was super upset, wanted a change of underwear, so that’s something… I’ve just resigned myself that today is going to suck, tomorrow will suck, I’ll scrub feces and urine from many surfaces, she’s gonna cry, I’m gonna cry, but after this window of annoying frustration, I’ll only have one baby to diaper. That’s worth it.

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