fall updates

It’s that time of the year. Another transition, and just like that, summer is over. We had a great summer but I love this time of year. I dropped E off for his first day of second grade, the air is cooler, the mosquitos population markedly less (thank goodness!) and fall really is here.

I have so much stuff going on in September that I’ve had to color code our wall calender, the most Pinterest-ry accomplishment I’ve done in 2017.

In addition to E starting second grade, next week L begins her 2-year-old nursery school program, and I, the old lady of the house, begin school again as well.

That’s right, this 34-year-old mom-of-three is enrolled in the local community college for Chemistry 100! A few years back I started taking a few courses with the goal of getting an accelerated BS in nursing, but after looking over my options, I’ve determined it’s more reasonable to go for the AA in Nursing and then get the BS from there. There are so many requirements for an accelerated program it would take me just as long to have the prereqs for one of the programs as getting a traditional 2-year degree.

So, in addition to training for the half marathon, dropping kids off and picking them up from their various schools, working part-time at the Bucks, oh and doing all those other mommy – and – wifey – things, I’ll be forcing my brain to excel and understand the complicated world of chemistry. I also need to do some serious prepping for the nursing school entrance exam, something called the TEAs Test which covers everything from basic anatomy to algebra.

The season is brimming with chaos and I’m so excited. I love the cool fall days, I love watching football, and even with the air changing I feel that sense of possibility and change that every fall brings on, a feeling I associate with being a child and starting a new school year.

I have a feeling the updates can return to a more frequent, scheduled pace as I’ll have no problem writing a blog post to procrastinate chemistry or TEAs test preparation. So let’s all raise a Pumpkin Spice Latte, strap on those cute fall boots over leggings and toast to a gorgeous and productive fall!


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