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It’s becoming another mad spring. We’ve decided to put our home up on the market, and once it sells we are moving to New Jersey. I now spend all the time I used to devote to scrolling social media to scrolling Zillow. Who knew Zillow was so addicting? Seeing homes go on the market, drop their prices, add open houses, and then go to the very elusive and secretive “pending” status consumes much of my time now.

We (my husband and I) are in the very lucky in that we should find a home pretty easily that meets all of our “must haves”. Dealing with real estate agents (the buying agents) is annoying, but luckily we’ve found a selling agent locally who I trust to look out for our best interest.

The idea of starting all over again in a new location used to make me excited. I have wanted to move off of Long Island basically since we moved here; it’s so crowded and expensive and people seem impatient and I hate traffic and the last Christopher Nolan Batman movie scared the crap out of me because while “Gotham City” (Manhattan) was cut off by the exploding bridges, it also meant ALL of Long Island (Gotham Island?) was cut off too and the reality of living on an island didn’t appeal to me anymore.

But having to meet new mom friends, new circles, new social groups seems hard. It was hard here and I was younger and thirstier back then, now I’m older and less interesting. I’ve really settled into my schooling here and I could have seen a future in the local community college nursing program, I’m now moving to an area with a totally different program I’ll have to re-navigate around. Even my gym, my precious “me time” space will no longer be the same; the reverence and admiration I have for all the gym instructors will go away and the routine I’ve set up will be gone too.

But the time is now. My commuting pilot husband has been driving 3+ hours to Atlantic City for work for over a year. We can’t expect him to continue this for the rest of his career. Even though I’ve never fully embraced Long Island as my “home”, hopefully, we can settle into a real neighborhood in New Jersey and it will become my family’s permanent place.

Spring time is always a rush of change and new beginnings and we shall see what this upcoming one brings.


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