new house, new gym, new jersey

Once again I rededicate myself to writing more frequently. It does seem like I do this way too often; I know as a blog reader it’s tiresome to hear from someone “This time I’ll be different!” so I hope if you are out there reading this you’ll feel patience for me and keep reading. When I started this blog nearly two years ago I was deep in the mind state of newborn baby bliss, happy, at home with lots of down time. I’ve noticed the same pattern with several of my friends after they have children; a sense of reinvention once a new baby comes (whether it’s your first or third).

I had a good rhythm and theme going for a while and it slowly dwindled down to infrequent updates and somewhere along the way I lost the voice I was establishing so here I am, trying again.

As the title states, I am currently sitting in our new home located in our new state. The house is big – gigantic even- especially compared with the small bungalow we lived in for six years. For example, I used to vacuum my entire house using only two plugs in our old home. Like, I’d plug into the wall and the length of the cord would reach half of my floors, and then I’d just plug into another wall and finish up. My new three-story house, however, requires 3 different outlet changes per floor.

Everyone said to me, “Have fun cleaning such a big house!” when I told them about moving. I’ve since realized they meant it sarcastically or slightly meanly. But, it’s been over a month since I moved in, and in a weird way I’m *still* finding it actually *fun* to clean. Yes, I have four bathrooms now. But I’ve dedicated every Tuesday to deep cleaning bathrooms day. I blast “Today’s Top Hits” on Spotify and spend about an hour scrubbing the johns. This heightened focus on one job at a time makes the cleaning bearable.

I’m still setting the schedule down but thus far I dare say it’s almost easier to keep a tidy home in a big home compared with keeping a small space tidy.


Another big part of my life as a mom is going to the gym. Seriously, it’s like 30% of my week. I made a hasty decision to join the local Y and I am regretting it. The facilities are not updated, and it’s not as big as we are used to. I’m someone who has to take fitness classes and the two I’ve taken so far have been impressive, so that’s a positive, and I actually like that the classes are co-ed and I’m much younger than the average YMCA fitness class pupil.

But I miss my old gyms gleaming studio. I miss the sense of “awe” you’d get in the weight room, or cardio room – it was just bigger and nicer. There’s a superficial part of me that looks down on the dowdy Y and craves a flashier fitness club. I didn’t even realize I was a snob in that way – and I’ve promised myself to give it a good six months before looking for greener pastures.


I’m really loving living in New Jersey. I was never a Long Island fan, and I find the locals here are friendlier and easier to talk to. I’m still struggling with the idea of having to make new friends, because as every mom knows, finding good mom friends is essential but feels impossible at times. I know it will happen eventually and in the meantime, if I feel bored, I can always find a corner to scrub or a place to dust in my immaculate suburban mansion.


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