this blog’s name has never been more relevant

The past few months have been a preparation for social distancing. I finished my microbiology class last semester, and took this semester off before nursing school starts in the fall… assuming they start a new class in the fall, since I’m sure this spring’s class is super delayed and possibly cancelled.

Anyway, my friend’s sort of scoffed at me, what are you going to do all day without school, or work? Aren’t you bored?

I wasn’t, not really. There’s always kids to drop off, pick up, there’s the gym or my Peloton to use, I’d shop or get coffee, clean the house, go to parks with the little’s… life was moving along quite quickly and busily.

Then this new era was thrust upon all of us American’s and suddenly everyone is in the same blissful “Stay at Home” mindset that I’ve adopted since January. With swimming lessons and gymnastics and Boy Scouts cancelled indefinitely, of course my life is different. But, not that drastically different. Our family seldom eats out, and I avoid most paid activities with my kids. We generally hang out at home and play outside anyway. I spend most of my time with my kids at home so this all feels pretty usual.

It’s wild how many new neighbors I see taking walks now. I’ve never seen so many pedestrians on the streets before. I am also learning a newfound appreciation for teachers. Teaching kids is not easy. I keep losing my patience with my fourth grader and I love him, so how his teacher doesn’t blow up with 30 kids in the same room multiple times a day is beyond me.

Like everyone else, I have a bunch of anxiety about this whole situation. The economy especially scares me, considering my husband is a pilot and the airlines are hurting. I worry about the food supply chain; and I worry about the health of my parents and other family. I’m trying to remember to take it one day at a time, and to learn to pause in the boredom and enjoy the monotony. I don’t want excitement or unneeded stress at this time. My kids are loving all the one on one attention they are getting from both parents and I don’t want them to feel anxiety or fear if they don’t need to.

It’s the least I can do.

Stay well, everyone.

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