Online Debates & Social Media

What’s the point, right? Who in their right mind engages with internet trolls to prove a point, when you know on the other side the person you are typing against will never change their own heavily one-sided-and-bias minds? Why do we do this? Since I’ve deactivated my Facebook account I’ve not had to worry aboutContinue reading “Online Debates & Social Media”

The Social Media Cleanse

Have you done it yet ? For years my interest in the Facebook has waned; I’d say I log on every few weeks. It’s just not a pleasure to scroll on it any longer. Seeing photos and updates of my friends and family is nice and all, but as we all should know, all thatContinue reading “The Social Media Cleanse”

parenting in the age of trump

Whoa, whoa, whoa, you say. Either you roll your eyes at my crybaby liberal ways when you read this title, or you nod your head in agreement. This divide we all are in is stark and very real. Tonight I brought my kids to a diner. Just me and the three of them, it wasContinue reading “parenting in the age of trump”

thoughts on the bubble 

I’m from a rural area. I grew up in the nineties with a vague idea that Hilary Clinton was not a good person. She overstepped her bounds. This wasn’t an idea planted by my parents, surely, but it was the general chatter I’d hear. Sort of like Chevy vs Ford, Washington State vs University ofContinue reading “thoughts on the bubble “