the lost art of conversation

When I close my eyes and remember my childhood, and picture my mom, she's on the phone. My mom spent a great deal of her day gabbing on the phone. Having private conversations with her girlfriends, relatives, gossiping and laughing and pretty much lost in her own world. Thinking about it now, it was the… Continue reading the lost art of conversation

motherhood calling

I was in the zone forty minutes into an "overtime" hour-long workout at the gym. It was my favorite instructor, Amanda, my gym woman-crush (and based on the over packed class, I am not alone in admiring her) and after the day before's dancing extravaganza it was my happy place. I don't really ask for much… Continue reading motherhood calling


Let's all take a deep breath in, and think about my favorite aspect of the winter holiday season. The resolutions. Those pesky things we are make and break and joke about breaking. I'm taking this Christmas-Vacation break before the new year to start with my "promises to make me a better human being" goals. Read… Continue reading goals